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Since its launch in 2008, Destiny’s Faith and Fate’s: The History of the Jewish People in the 20th Century program has become the only program in Jewish Education that is presently used in schools across the entire spectrum – from Community Schools to Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox Day Schools, as well as Congregational Schools.

Destiny’s Director of Education, Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel, has personally visited all the day schools in South Africa, Australia and the leading schools in the United States. Each and every school visited has opted to try this new and innovative program – which is both interactive and uses the latest technology available, to teach Jewish History with a new and exciting methodology.

To date nearly 400 schools and educational institutions are using Destiny’s materials in some form to fit their curricula. Because each school’s Jewish History program is a bit different, the materials are intentionally designed to be modular, and thus, each school can use Faith and Fate differently, in order to suit its specific needs. The schools are offered the first episode Dawn of the Century – 1900-1910 for free – together with its companion Educators’ Guide and Instant Lesson Plans – on the condition that they use the material in the classroom and give written feedback to the Destiny Foundation.

In addition to visiting schools, Amsel has given workshops at numerous Educational Conferences explaining how to use the materials – as well as the theory behind this new approach to teaching Jewish History. He has presented at the Ravsak (Community Day Schools) conventions in 2008 and 2009, the AJOP (for outreach professionals) conferences from 2008-2010, the CAJE conference in 2008, the Torah Umesorah (Day Schools) conventions in 2008 and 2010, The Board of Jewish Education of New York conferences in 2009 and 2010, held each November for N.Y. Day Schools, and the November conferences for New Jersey Day Schools, also held in November. As a result, Faith and Fate is now used successfully in schools in 29 states in the US and several cities in Canada.

Thus, in less than two years, The Destiny Foundation’s materials are currently being used, with positive feedback, in 15 countries in educational institutions across the spectrum.


They all have signed up to use Destiny’s films and multi-media materials on Jewish History.

In May, the Destiny Foundation was represented at two national conventions, where its educational and programming materials were introduced to three new sets of audiences. The Biennial Convention of the JCC’s in North America took place in Atlanta, from May 2-5. At the same time, all of the U.S. Military Chaplains also met, as part of the Jewish Welfare Board, which is under auspices of the same parent body of the JCC’s.

As a result of numerous meetings and demonstrations, more than 35 JCC’s are now using the audio-visual materials produced by the Destiny Foundation as part of their Adult Education programs.

At the same time, many Chaplains took the Destiny materials to show and discuss with both the Jewish and non-Jewish personnel in the military. As a result, the Destiny Foundation’s Faith and Fate program is now begin used in West Point, The National Guard in New York, Andrew’s Air Force Base, Ramstein Air Force based in Germany, and McGuire Air Force Base. One of the captains who happily took the materials remarked that “we have only one hour a week to teach everything about Judaism and Jewish History to the military personnel. The Destiny materials are far better suited to this task than anything we have used in the past.

During the same trip, 7 Day Schools in Atlanta also purchased the Faith and Fate materials and are now using them. The schools range from pluralistic Community Day Schools such as The Weber School, to The Conservative Epstein School, to the Ultra Orthodox High Schools of Ohr Yisrael and Temeema.

Later that week, Torah Umesorah, the National Society of Hebrew Day Schools, held its annual National Leadership Convention at the Split Rock Resort in Harmony, Pennsylvania. Rabbi Dr. Nachum Amsel, Destiny’s Director of Education, gave a workshop entitled “Why Teach Jewish History in Our Day Schools and How to Teach Torah Thorough Jewish History”. The workshop was attended by over 60 principals and teachers and many of the participants expressed that, as a result, they would now use these materials and new approach in their schools..

To date, over 350 schools are using Destiny’s materials worldwide.

Destiny is continuing to present its programming to schools, educational institutions and community organizations worldwide – and is offering a free DVD Movie, plus a Multi-Media Educators’ Guide, with Instant Lesson Plans on the first episode of Faith and Fate’s The History of the Jewish People in the 20th Century.

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