Esther PilaGraphic Designe

Esther immigrated from the Unites States to Israel in 1973. She has a degree in Graphic Design from the Technion School of Design, Tel Aviv.

She specializes in visual communication through graphic art and design. Her graphic design studio originated in 1985 with focus in the performing arts.

Her work, with its unique and individualistic style, developed into designing for a variety of discerning clients, including CinevisionUSA, Israel Opera Tel Aviv, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Nature & Parks Authority, Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, Herzliya Performing Arts Center, Zemach-Ofer Productions Ltd, Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Museum of Man & Nature, Holon Theater Drama Studio, Rozenberg Productions Eilat, Bimot Productions.

In 1999 Esther began working with Ashley Lazarus and Destiny Films on the production of Rashi – A Light After the Dark Ages. Since then, she has been invloved in all of Destiny’s productions and is currently working on the documentary series Faith and Fate and the design of Destiny’s website.

Recognizing the unique needs, personality and complexities of each client’s project, Esther’s goal is to create individualistic and artistic designs that effectively communicate.