David GreenbergDirector of Internet Projects for Destiny

Having studied business n the Business Honors Program, at California State University Northridge, and working for 2½ years with internet companies, David spent 5 years studying Talmudic Law at Ohr Sameyach, in Jerusalem. During this time David continued working on internet projects and studying the potential and effectiveness of using the internet as a business, organizational marketing, communications and information tool.

An avid researcher into how to maximize the use and benefits of the internet – both from a user’s perspective and from the perspective of an organization, business or individual, creating and running a website – and achieving their goals, using the internet, is David’s professional passion. David is continually analyzing the latest research and keeping track of what works – and what doesn’t work – and applying this knowledge to advising and giving hands-on service to Destiny and his other clients on how to reach their online goals. With nearly 10 years of practical experience and knowledge behind him, David now runs an internet marketing consulting service,