David C. LewisEditor

David is currently editing the Faith and Fate series for Destiny Films. He graduated with honors from The University of Wisconsin, with a Double Major BA Degree in Communication Arts (Television/Film Production) and Hebrew Studies in 1981. After working in various freelance production positions in Chicago Illinois, he joined the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association in corporate production as a Supervising Producer. He produced and directed corporate communication programs for various clients including Kodak, General Electric, General Motors and other American companies and organizations. He served as an Associate Producer on the IFPA Cindy Silver Award winning film Staying Well.

David Lewis has directed, edited, and line produced numerous documentaries and television programs for the US, Israel and international markets. These films have been broadcast on several American stations including PBS in New York, Illinois, and Florida; Israel Channel 2; EO-Holland; France 2; NHK-Japan; RAI 1-Italy; RTL-Germany; and S4C-Wales; RETV, Ireland. In addition, David Lewis has produced and directed many PR and commercial spots for various organizations and companies in Israel as well as the international market.