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You are about to study highlights from the life of the great Jewish scholar, RASHI.

With this DVD presentation, you will witness the difficult times in which rashi lived and the brilliance with which he handled those difficulties. You will understand how, and why, he became the most famous commentator on the Torah and the Talmud.

This Study Guide provides you with activities for prior-to-viewing, during viewing, and post-viewing of the film

Home and classroom materials can be printed directly from the DVD.

The purpose of these activities is to enrich your understanding of the movie and your understanding of Rashi – and what he came to teach us.

After you have completed the Study Guide, you will have an organized and in-depth knowledge of the background, personality, teachings and accomplishments of Rashi.

Rashi’s wisdom is a Light after the Dark Ages – and, as you will certainly conclude, a Light for all Times.