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FULL NAME: Rabbi Moses ben Maimon

BIRTHPLACE: Cordoba, Spain

BORN: 1135

DIED: 1204

Studied torah and secular subjects such as mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy under the guidance of his father, rabbi maimon. Studied medicine in Spain and Fez, Morocco.

Wrote the first systematic code of all Jewish law called the Mishneh Torah.
Authored the philosophic work called Moreh Nevuchim, the guide to the perplexed. wrote Sefer HaMitzvot, a book which details the commandments in the Torah. published a commentary on the entire Mishneh.
Wrote books on medicine and responsa to questions in Jewish law.
Wrote letters that saved the Jews of Morrocco and Yemen.

Served as the personal physician to Sultan Saladin of Egypt. led the Jewish community of Fostat, Cairo.

Ancestors include Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi, the compiler of the Mishnah, and King David. Rambam’s father, Rabbi Maimon, was the dayan (judge) of Cordoba. his brother, David, was a jeweler who supported Rambam and his family. Rambam’s son, Rabbi Avraham, succeeded him in the position of leader of Fostat.