Why are destiny’s educational materials so unique and effective?

They are designed to be user friendly. They are multi-media and modular – with a “choose and use” approach.

Even though the series covers information that some students may already know, it puts Jewish History into perspective. It fills in the gaps. It makes history relatable to and relevant. It is also presented in an exciting and contemporary way.

The series addresses revisionist propaganda and it puts Jewish History into a 4,000 year overview perspective.

Faith and Fate features historical footage, photographs (some of which have never been seen before) and primary documents from over 40 archives and private collections around the world. This uniquely personalizes the material and helps bring “Jewish history to life”.

The series interviews leading historians, in various fields of Jewish and World history.

Each episode is a stand-alone film – with downloadable DVD chapters. Also available is an optional comprehensive Multi-Media Educators’ Guide – on DVD, or in text form. This gives teachers and students instant access to a choice of teaching tools – and extra information on any topic in the episode.